09 June 2014

Too much brown; Melty Chocolate

Long time no see ~ !

 And I mean, really long, long time no see. I don't know how that time just disappeared in one swift move.. I graduated, then I purely focused to get my driving license (still pursuing it..! Maybe someday in next century..) and trying to get hold of my life after studying (weird..?!) And well.. Then there's that volunteer working at animal protection A N D nowadays (from March I think..?) I'm mending with two mini-shetland ponies and one irish cob, and cuddling with my own babies, so lets face it. My life is filled with cuties! ♥

So, back to the main story! *tan tan tan* last Saturday was rather hectic, and it didn't go as planned at all. Firstly, I had attend to picnic with my friends at Desucon, and after munching everything I was planning to go Creme de la Garderobe. You might remember how I was filled with joy; my very first Creme! I've waited that opportunity back then my beginner (ita-ish..?) days! After that all, I would head back to home, wallet empty and shopping bags filled with new pieces for my wardrobe. (And my mind filled with frills..)

But how the story really goes?

Friday night, after I came back from stable, I baked some food for next day's picnic, get overly anxious about my outfit, tired new things and get to know that they will not work with me as planned, so on the Saturday morning I've to remake my outfit plans. Then, we missed our bus, and with Roommate we was something like half hour late for our picnic. SO, I didn't have time to eat and catch up with my friends, when I've to head to Creme. Okay.. It wasn't that simple! (I get lost in my own home-town I-didn't-say-it-okay.) I didn't have time to spend there, because! The owner of those three horses had asked me to come to Match Show with them to show her Irish Cob there on the next day.. (We need to train little more - my first time ever at Match Show or even to show any horse! And of course, wash him and so on..) So, I just ran around the city the whole day. I had three minutes time to change from lolita to my stable clothes, pack my luggage and head to the next bus.

(I'm really hoping that the Finnish Community is already used to my running out and in..)

Okay, that was really long story, my bad.

But my outfit of that hectic day! (There was finger print in the camera's lens! *angst*)

skirt, bag: Angelic Pretty || blouse: flea market || shoes: AatP || rest: here and there

Some bonus pics for excuse oh that long story in the beginning!


And again! Thank you for your time and patience, and welcome welcome to my new followers on bloglovin ~ !


  1. Ihana asukokonaisuus, super söppänä! Bäww en nähnyt sua ollenkaan Cremessä. Olin kuulemma krapulaisen ja väsyneen näköinen :<.

    1. Apua, kiitoksia! Juoksin nopeesti vaan oven suussa hoitamassa bisneksiä kunnes rynnin taas matkoihin. *köh* Näin kyllä sut ja nätti olit!

    2. No olin niin väsyny et emmä varmaan ku eteeni nähnyt :'D. Pitää tulla heilumaan eteen.


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