28 August 2014

Birthday Party weeks ago

Happy birthday to you!

Decades, weeks, years or something like that, I attended to always so cute Iiris's birthday party. There was great amount of her friends and then I and Katka. Photos is taken by Katka, because lets face it, I wasn't in the best condition of taking photos! (No alcohol attended!)

Everyone was so cutely dressed and seemed to be really lovely!

With Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiri (enough I's?)
With Katka

Twinkle Carnival ♥
It's so pretty and I could not come over it.
I cut my thumb pretty badly, it needed couple of stitch, but because I was stubborn and didn't went on time to first aid (.. day after cutting...) they but some tape and bandage to it, and with my bandaged hand I was pretty useless..

But nonetheless I had really good time, and I'm still really honored to be invited such occasion! And hahaha, enjoy your 18 years fully, but keep common sense with you, right?

Fun fact time; I got a job! ♥ I'm sewer! I'm so happy that I could cry.

Bye ~ !

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