08 August 2014


Some of you might been thinking, where the f*ck is my updates? Or, I might just wistfully hope that someone would miss me on Internet word! But yeah, almost three weeks is long time for me to not update, it would get longer, but those post is piling up in this right moment, so lets just take a time for short explanation for my absence!

Couple of my followers already knows, and the rest of you will know, that I moved! I moved out of our shared two-rooms apartment at Lahti! My Roommate (kkkk she hasn't name, she will be forever be just "My Roommate" .... !) continues her school at Lahti, while I, after graduating started to find a job, and.. moved to Espoo!

So, due all those moving things and everything, job interviews and everything going around, I didn't have time or even Internet connection! And.. Besides that everything, my youngest cat, Sentti, went missing during their time at my sister's place. I wanted to save my cats from that moving and make the cleaning of our old apartment to easier to us, I brought my cats to my little sister.. And Sentti runaway from her! I'm so frustrated and anxious for my poor tiny cat, and I'm hoping that I'll soon hear something about her!

But, yeah. There's the reasons, why I haven't updated and I'm trying to update as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience. ♥


  1. Ääh..kaikki muutta pk-seudulle! xD
    Toivottavasti viihdyt ja saat duunia, voisin tulla vaiks joskus käymään ja voi kamaluus kun tuosta Sentistä sain tietää, toivottavasti pieni ihanuus löytää pian tien takaisin kotiin, jotain kautta. ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Haha :''D, tähän asti oon viihtynyt ihan pretty fine ja haastatteluihin päässyki, että nyt silmät ja korvat ristissä..Käytiin eilen taas koluu alueen puskia, metsiä ja kirkkomaita, mutta löytyi vain oravia. D: Saisi nyt ees vähän tietoa neidin liikkeistä! Ja tule tule ~ ^^


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