19 October 2014

Popcult Day ♥

Hi ~ !

Last Sunday was hold Popcult Day, which was like a first stage for Helsinki Popcult, which will be hold on next April! What is (Helsinki) Popcult? It's an convention for multifandoms; not only for anime and manga (or Japan related things, not like Desucon or Animecon!), it contains panels and programs from TV-series, old and new movies, Marvel, Doctor Who, Supernatural and Simpsons, and so on! And of course, also bits of anime and manga, but it isn't presented as big role on Popcult Day.

That was whole thing in really tiny nutshell, I've hard time to wait the actual Helsinki Popcult weekend! Popcult Day was such refreshing occasion, that I left yearning more.. Gooosh, so many months left..

More about here ! ♥

My outfit lacks couple of details, but finally I get a chance to wear Playing Cards Carnival! ♥ Ex-Roommate said its really weird to see me wearing b l a c k in lolita. I agree with her and now I'm thinking, will I never learn to use that color...?

skirt Angelic Pretty || bag Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
shoes Angelic Imprint || blouse, hair clips, OTK's local stores

That was everything for this time, thank you for your patience and time ~ ! ♥


  1. That is such a cute coord! I especially love that hair :3 I think black looks very nice on you, it's not weird at all!

    Seraphine & The Striped Box

    1. Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me! I've to get used to black, that's all, right hehe..? It's a wig, but thank you!


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