12 October 2014

Wild Ex-Roommate, Shortie & Sushi ♥

Hi ~ ! 

Long time no see, I think? I've been really really busy because I got a new job trallalei ~ ♥ BUT! That wasn't the reason to update, this Sunday was Pop Cult Day (more on next post), and because of that, my Ex-Roommate (Without a Name!) came to visit and crash on my place, I was really pleased.

I missed her ~ but don't tell her! I told that she is the best person to take my outfit pics.. and then everything came crushing down - not even single one photo was that good. (The pee get up into her head kkkkk just kidding, still care about her!)

So, she came on yesterday - Saturday - and we headed straight to Sakuraruoka at Sörnäinen.  It was buffet and we take all the joy of those delicious pieces! (psst. notice that amount of wasabi, my Ex-Roommate get little bit too excited about it..)

I think that I forget to mention, I get Milky Planet's re-release JSK on last week! Okay, I was too tired to make post, but pardon me and my dark eye bags! And as a bonus pic; wild Ex-Roommate slash best-ootd-photographer appears again!

And yes, I'm shortie, Milky Planet is really long dress! ;__; But I still love it. ♥
Roomie your still too high from wasabi; you should not inhale too deep it! Duh!
But! I'll be back with post about Pop Cult Day some other day! 
Thank you for your patience with me ~ have a nice start of week! ♥


  1. Oaaah toi mekkohan on ihan sua varten tehty *0*

    1. Se on sopivasti sokeriöveri mulle joka ei pysty vetää sokeria nimeksikään, ilman että alan nuolemaan suolapurkkia. :''D Mutta tää on rakkaus. ♥


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