21 November 2014

Dreamy Dollhouse ♥

Hello again ~ !

Last Sunday Taidekuja was hold on Gloria (the very same place where Hellocon will be on next May ~ ), and on the same day was hold some really popular flea market on Kattilahalli, so I headed there with Saga first. Both events were very first to me, so lets talk about salt statues! After flea market we met with Sofia and headed towards Gloria!
I found something from Artists' Alley, but it isn't included into this post.

Thank you Sofia for photos and edits! ♥
Couple of photos may be same ones as on Saga's blog kkkkkk ~ !

Saga's shoes! ♥

Dreamy Dollhouse to go! ♥
JSK, barrette, socks - Angelic Pretty
Rest here and there

That was everything for this time, my mind is somewhere else than here! *sup sup sup* I'm going with those two to Sweden! Tomorrow! Sooooo-o I think its bit alright to me to be excited ~ until next time then!


  1. Te söpöläiset ootte niin ihanaisia! ♡ ♡ ^___^
    Voi pitäkäähän kiva reissu, paljon kuvia sit jooo! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Haha kiitokset (:
      Tuskin yksikään kuvista on julkaisukelpoinen.. Hahaa!

  2. You two look so adorable!
    x Hazumi / hazumichan.blogspot.com

  3. Aivan ihana mekko❤pitäis ehkä itekki hankkia :)

    1. Dreamy Dollhouse on aivan äly ihana ♥ suosittelen. :)


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