05 November 2014

Tallinn ♥ (30.10.2014)

Hi ~ !

It's been some time already? Ye-aah.. the story is old; I've been busy with my really long work days! After 10-12 hours of work I just shut off the whole world and stutter gibberish to cats or my poor friends on FB!

But! On last Thursday I did something else than worked my butt off! I got a chance to do short trip to Tallinn with Ilona, Ilona's bf, Maria and their schoolmate! (I'm sorry! My name recall is one of the shittiest..! ; _ ;) I had couple of days off, so why not to grab that opportunity and just go? ^^

"Where am I? Who am I? Why am I here?" 
 ♥ Blouse, skirt, headbow, bag - Angelic Pretty
♥ Cardigan, socks, ring - here and there
♥ Shoes - Angelic Imprint

Real stories from lolita-life; get stuck in between shelves of Karnaluks and try act like nothing while trying to k i l l the poof of your petti. Get stuck second, third times and decide that isn't nice thing anymore and curse, oh lord why that petticoat?

Aaaaand... while your group contains three lolitas, finding good dinner place on Old Town is purely hallucination! We didn't fit into any cafe etc. etc. so others went to eat some Chinese while I told storied about food poisoning! (two of my friends get bad food poisoning from similar Chinese as that one.. so yeah..) kkkkkkk

I was pretty tired after our 9 hours (plus those hours on ship...) long trip .. But pretty content with the whole day and experience (and I swore that if I ever get gf/bf I want to go with her/him to Old Town under Christmas and just act all fluffy and stuff like that kkkkk)
Selcas from Alkopörssi; I bought chocolate as souvenirs to my friends.

Hehe, that was everything for this time! ♥ I've whole week off, so maybe, maybe I'll update another post.. But we will see it on Sunday! Thank you for your time ~ !


  1. So cute, I think your style is so adorable, perfect bag too!! ^^

    Food poisoning? Sounds very horrible >.<"

    Good that it was still a lovely day out!!

    Take care.

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, sadly it ruined half of their holiday back then! D:
      Thank you and take care of yourself also! ^^


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