31 December 2014

Past is past - 2014 lifestyle post

Everyone around me is making their own posts about their big ups and downs of 2014, and we shared some thoughts about it with Saga - she made her own, and I've somehow always wanted to make one. Still, that will be one of the most "lifestyle" kind of posts on my blog! And I almost swear that will be the last one also...
Pardon my bloomers and frilly dresses!

And that's some version "oh my I'm still alive hello I'm there still, anyone?"-post/filler post, I might be the only one who notices over month hiatus here! Le surprise ! I got side job for month; only one day off, sooooo.. I've been pretty busy. Straight from work I headed to Lapland to spend holidays with relatives! Because of that, I could only show phone pics to you, I'm kind of sorry? Hopefully unseen ones!

What happened to my eyebrow? ; _ ;

Post filled with mismatched photos - check.

This year, 2014 was really good to me, there was ups and downs, tears and laugh and almost all the clichés you could find. I met new and interesting persons (get over some long-ass-time-crush(es) :'''D), moved back to my hometown (and my life improved ten times!), learnt more about myself, my personal goals (for life and for lolita...!) and find new friendships here and there.

I found that one of my favorite coords were for our trip to Tallinn, and another one was here, but that Melty-outfit was my favorite.

Goals for lolita is more related to this blog, than goals for my more private life, and they're pretty simple. I try to get better with coordinates; more detailed and try to buy more basic elements to wardrobe, like blouses, headpieces, jewelries and such ones. And maybe grab couple of dream prints, how about that?

I'll also try my best to attend different events and meet ups!


  1. Ubeita asuja ja söbönä olet ollut!! Sushia ja teetä, tartteeks elämä muuta? :D

    Hyvää uuttavuotta viel täälki :)

    1. Ja kissoja! Sitten elämä on täydellistä!
      Hyvää uuttavuotta sinnekin näin uudelleen! ♥

  2. Ootko ajatellu alkaa vloggaamaan? :) musta olis tosi kiva nähdä sun ottamia videoita :)

    1. Olen kyllä leikkinyt ajatuksella, mutta siihen se onkin jäänyt. :) Mutta oli kiva kuulla mielipiteesi!


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