09 February 2015

1 Cake + 1 Cake + 1 Cake = Party

Hi ~ ! Still alive ehehhee! And first outfit post of 2015, finally!

Last Sunday Katka gathered group of her friends to spend some time and enjoy cakes made by her! I tagged along with Saga, because my poor navigation skills betrayed me right after Mellunmäki's underground. (So, we aren't going to talk about "skills" here..)

It was so nice and refreshing to spend some time and meet new persons! I have been holed up into my own apartment to do serious adult-things etc. that I haven't had that much chances to meet friends. And okay, I catch pretty bad flu during Christmas, and it took me down for entire January.. So yeah, finally time to meet humans!

We find time to drink almost whole tea pot before first slices of cake! Lets call it "lolita condition" or whatever it is.

bag, blouse & boots Baby the Stars Shine Bright
skirt Angelic Pretty
tights some local store
necklace Moon Bunny
head.. thing.. flea martket

poncho & scarf  flea market
mittens & hat my grand grandmother and granny

Thank you for lovely gathering Katka and others, I'm waiting next time already! 
Bonus pic of yours truly Cchuboi and Saga, lets that be last time when I think that leaving false lashes home is good decision when you have gyaru next to you...


  1. Hei toi portin ees otettu kuva on oikein extrasöpö!! <3 Söpö olit ja kiitti seurast ja kekseistä =^_^=

    1. Aww kiitos! Noi porttikuvat oli kaikki suht onnistuneita verrattuna sisäkuviin (D:) ja kiitos sulle seurasta ♥ ja materiasta!!

  2. OMG You look so prettyyyyy!! <3 <3 <3
    Cute pics!


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