17 February 2015

Desucon Frostbite (in nutshell)

Hi ~ ! 

Last weekend (13.2.-15.2.2015) was Desucon Frostbite at Sibeliustalo, Lahti! As last year, that convention was rated K18. I mostly spend my time with Ex-roommate (still without name..), and shortly visited lolita meet up which was hold near Sibeliustalo, at Kahvila Kariranta. It was really lovely to see new and older faces, but sadly I was sure that I'll die because of hungriness, so I've to leave after hot chocolate, and to catch Ex-roommate and wander one of Lahti's Chinese Restaurants! That everything was during Saturday (Valentine's Day!), because on Friday, I just claimed my ticket while looking like local hobo or public trashcan.. So yeah, not pictures!

Also on Saturday was hold Frostbite's Night Party with DJs and anime/j-pop/????-remixes and pretty girls dancing, but we just spent maybe hour or two at there, until we headed to Ex-roommate's place to drink tea and catch things until three on morning. (Note, I've to drive a car! Whooppidoo! Advances when you have driving license and Grandfather's car...)

On Sunday we just wandered around, went to eat (almost disgusting) pizza and headed to only one program which interested us; AMV-competition! ♥ After that we met with friend and I found these two cuties!

miiiiiiiri & sugarubunny !

Their shoes are awesome! And I learnt that they've some website called Sweet Snap, and I really hope that's okay to share link to that site.. ^^' Ooops, did it already.

Not sure will I attend to this kind of conventions anymore, they are fun, it's nice to meet friends and new people, but nowadays I'm not into anime & manga anymore, last years I've went to conventions purely from it's atmosphere (and Artist's Alley...), and now I'm thinking that was last convention for me.. But time will show it!

Saturday's Outfit

blouse, scarf & poncho, tights & other: second hand, local stores & here and there
skirt, bag & hat: Angelic Pretty
shoes: Angelic Imprint

Sunday's Outfit

JSK, OTK's, blouse & headbow: Angelic Pretty
bag & other headpieces: handmade & here and there
shoes: Angelic Imprint

Thank you for your time and patience with me! ♥

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