25 March 2015

Baby! We got a girl!

Hi ~ !

Long time no see...! I'm sorry about lack of update, but lets say that my life got bit depressing and hectic because of this and that.. But now, everything seems bit better. I haven't wear lolita since Desucon Frostbite, but I've done some shopping, but haven't felt the energy to post anything. Just spam on Tumblr. (U__U'') 

But back to business!

An agenda of this post, is (hello I'm still alive!) to share yesterday's outfit, when I was catching up with friends! ♥ It's so weird to try to get good outfit picture with tripod.. And while your cats is lurking behind the curtains!

skirt Angelic Pretty
blouse, bonnet off-brand/flea market
headbow Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
tote bag, choker(-thing) made by me
tights local store
shoes Bodyline

And.... yes! We got baby! ♥ Our evening star here, she is 7-months old now, and her name is "Ilo", in English "Joy". She is bit (ok, really) ad/hd and she has some great attitude, but my little oldies and Sentti loves her still. ♥ But oh well, that was end of this post, like I said earlier  this will be "hello I'm still alive"-post, it's done now and everyone out of my Facebook's friend list knows now I'm alive! And oh, my I was taken aback, when I noticed new followers! Welcome, welcome to that crazy cat lady's little ol' blog! ♥


  1. ihana asu! Rakastuin tuohon bonnettiin! Siun helmat on aina eeppisen muhkeat <3

    1. Kiitos niin asun kuin alushameenkin puolesta! Tuo bonnet on ihan mahtava, vaikka alkuun aattelin että se on vähän liian classic... :D


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