11 April 2015

Meet up @ Hyvinkää ♥

Hi ~ ! 

Easter isn't big deal for me, because I'm adult (duh! okay, I don't like chocolate eggs..) but! When some lovely lolita hosts meet up, I'm all ready to go! So, Minja hosted rather small meet up in Hyvinkää last Saturday. It was so nice to attend meet up, the last one was during Desucon Frostbite!

Hyvinkää is rather small place (I played Myrskylä-card, Mylä is so so so so much smaller place! haha), and almost everything was closed during that day, but we found nice table from some chain café (Forgot the name already...) and got our drinks & foods! I was being painfully boring and got only black coffee (okay, I got tricked on that one. I wasn't planning to take anything but oh well, me and my slow thinking!).

JSK, barette & socks Angelic Pretty
bag MILK
shoes, blouse, everything else Angelic Imprint, second-hand, local shops

You see these cuties?! It was so so so nice to meet with you! Please, lets meet again asap! I love your opinions and mindsets on certain things! ... And I like travelling on train with or without good company. Oh, and yes, that's also bit out of topic, but I got stuck on bus because of petti! And behind me was people waiting to get out of bus while I was tucking and pressing petti down. #lolitaproblems :'D

Thank you for photos Elena Monsteri and for group photo Toni!


  1. Voi teitä söpöläisiä ^___^
    On kyl kiva ku on miittejä, vähän jokapuolella!

    Ahahaha..jäit jumiin, voi ei! xD Toivottavasti ei mitään likaantunu kuitenkaan.

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Kevät herättää miittiaallon! :'''D

      Onneksi ei tullut mitään moskaa, mutta Dreamy Dollhouse on siitä mukava että sen pystyy pesemään huoletta. ^^

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    1. Ei apua kiitos ihana! (>///////<)

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    1. Aww thank you sweetie ~ ! (>///////<)

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    1. Kiitosh ;_; Dreamy Dollhouse ei petä! ♥

  5. I love your co-ordination, and hairstyle! Very pretty and pastel ^_^

    { sparklesideup.com }


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