23 May 2015

#OOTD of Hellocon


I'm speed blogging right now? In my books, yes, but now I've time to do these things, I'll! Because of stress I caught pretty bad flu, past four, five days I've had really high fever and now I've lost my voice ;_; , so! Yet better reasons to update ~ uhuhuuu..

Now I'm just showing my outfits for Hellocon's main event, and sharing shortly my feelings about that day! I'm not going to make any kind of reportage about Helsinki Lolita Convention, I'll leave it to other bloggers out there!

On Saturday 9th May, was the main event day! I get up on wrong foot, and was inside and out sure that I'm not coming! I'll pass! I still blame that my friends guilt tripped me into showing up on this day. Later I noticed, that my moodiness (:''D) was caused by my nerves - I was modeling -very first time I notice you!- on Designer's Fashion show! Of course I was nervous..

I'll make another post about Hellocon's Designer's show after I have get some official photos into my grappy hands, I promise! I was being little bit hedonist or simply said, too lazy to focus on taking photos, instead I happily enjoyed about the event. After my short trip on stage of course, before that I was just one pink ball of nerves!

skirt & socks Angelic Pretty
bag Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
shoes Borrowed from a friend
blouse Fleamarket
everything else Local shops, made or customed my me

Thank you Ilona for these photos once again! ♥


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    1. Apua kiitos! Olit itsekin aivan upeana!

  2. Your outfit is pure perfection!

    { sparklesideup.com }


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