06 June 2015

Fashion Designer's Show & Hellocon Teaparty

Hello my little coffee beans! ♥

For the very first, I'm so sorry that took so much time (and energy...) to make this post, and then I sum everything on one tiny space! I can say nothing but laziness + kind of social life between working hours.. + no internet connection for weeks(?) = "I'll never blog again", because I'm that kind of person who wants to make everything done as soon as possible, so if things just left to hang.. I forget them/I'll not get these things done/I'll do them bit sloppily... So! I'll try my best now, even I'm already planning International Lolita Day! (It's tomorrow, but I'll publish this post.. on Saturday or Sunday sooo eeeh... Things just keep piling up! ^^')

Lets start with Akari_Hino's wonderful video of Helsinki Lolita Convention! I think it sums up everything pretty fine! I recommend you to check her other videos as well! ♥


As I stated on earlier post, that I was modeling for very first time on that Saturday 9th of May, there's some evidence of it! I was modeling for indie brand from Spain, Violet Fane! I've to say that my outfit for said fashion show was really liked! Other models really liked the unique vibe of this JSK and headwear, what you think about it? ♥

© nyymix.net

© nyymix.net

© Sanni Siira

© Sanni Siira
Pretty awesome, right?

On Sunday, 10th of May, was hold Hellocon's Tea Party! It was my very first time when taking apart to anykind of tea party, so everything felt so amazing and fine!

And for my last words of this post, I've to say (big big big) thank you to organizers of Hellocon for this splendid convention! ♥

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