09 June 2015

International Lolita Day ♥

Hello little coffee beans ♥ 

I bet that everyone of you knows that last Saturday was International Lolita Day (ILD), which is hold twice a year, right? Well, last Saturday's ILD was first which I attended even somehow! There was hold meet ups here and there, but because I had morning shift at work, I wasn't sure had I time to attend to meet ups, or had I enough energy.. Thanks for all those frilly gods up above there, who has blessed me with Saga! Who will not mind if I'm looking little bit rushed and saggy!

So, after my shift we gathered here, on my little apartment to enjoy pancakes with toppings and to play roles of kitchen psychologists! 

 I think that the starring role of the day was for Ilo, my baby cat! She has sterilization on last Thursday, so she is kind of sight with her "sock suit". It's gauze tube which should keep the cut clean and the cat(s) away from it. I had good time with Saga once again, and it was really nice to have chance to speak about things! I'm waiting already the next time ~ ! ♥

Apple trees and bird cherry trees are my favorites because of their flowers ♥

Blouse, skirt, sock, bag & headbow Angelic Pretty
shoes Bodyline
other here and there


  1. Aww the bandage is a good idea for the cat, mine didn't have this - just the cone of shame, which made them really mad.
    Your outfit is perfect, I love your necklace especially ^_^

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. Yeah! I agree with you, Ilo went really crazy with that cone of shame, so I took it away because she has already that sock suit.. so no harm done!
      Thank you!


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