22 June 2015

Lolita & Eco-Hippie

I bet that maybe one or two there knows that inside me lives tiny tiny eco-hippie (is that even word..??), "viherpiipertäjä" as Finnish may know. I prefer second hand and fleamarkets and I do support public transport. I'm not encouraging persons to just "buy buy buy spend spend spend".  And, as many of you knows, being lolita means you order stuff from here and there, over seven seas and dozens mountains, and hell no, it ain't one or two times a year, it closer to dozens different packages from other countries, which of course burdens our environment. Soo, am I fighting lost fight against myself and in the end of day I think poorly myself and want to just commit some kind of suicide?

Lolita is really materialistic style of living, yeah, I count that it's kind of style to live.. I mean, right now I've some serious problems to storage all my lolita stuff, so those things are taking space on my living areas, and it has effected to my room decoration with colors, aesthetic and so on so on, but lets focus now! GODDAMMIT CCHUBOI KEEP ON TRACK! So, sometimes I've been thinking, does it fit into my way to think and value things? How I justify these things when I'm screaming that don't use car!1!! Don't waste!!!1 Don't support chain stores1!! RECYCLE!! Walk!!

I remind you, that firstly, English isn't my first language, so there will be some really interesting.. phrases, and secondly, I'm no way in that position to tell you or others, how you should live and etc. etc. so, please, don't take some Halloween pumpkins up into your little arse. Thanks.

So how I balance lolita and.. being eco-hippie?

So, I've been thinking these things over years, and I've found some kind of peace, balance. I created small list with my reasoning why it is OKAY to be materialistic lolita (and still trying to save world)! On the side notes side note, I've known of my ability to (over)think every possible thing, and that's the one example of it.

1. Recycling - lolita items (dresses, skirts, blouses, SOCKS..) goes around, there might be even fourth or fifth owner of one item, before it is that bad condition that you just have to throw it away. It isn't disposable fashion.

2. Quality over quantity, there is small amount if items going around, released, and as I above said, one item goes from one lolita to another, usually many, many times, that doesn't happen with.. regular clothes (that many time..).

3. Lolita items isn't out of date, you can wear item from early 2000's and still make it fabulous coordination, which doesn't work as well with other styles, I mean, how many bit more basic fashion blogger uses item from.. 2009? From last summer?  (Don't mix vintage to that :'D)

And of course, on side/bottom note, I try to buy accessories from local sellers (conventions..) or private persons online, so I know that that money goes purely to the creator. I also prefer to buy my brand items as second hand, and when it comes to shipping, I prefer slower methods, they usually don't burden environment that much.. 

But of course, I'm not saint at all, I buy from eBay small packages, sometimes I buy directly from chain stores, sometimes my packages is here by airmail and the sky gets some holes because of it (ozone, but you get it). But I try to balance, I use public transport over private driving (I've license still :'D), as I said, the fashion style called as lolita, has great impact on my everyday life in the way or another.

I don't know how you think about this kind of posts, where I probably lost the red string of the whole thing, but got any thoughts? Want to give some roses or sticks to me? The word is now yours!

// I got an idea to that post from my old school essay, which I wrote tongue on cheek, because I was brat and pissed off to our teacher..


  1. "I got an idea to that post from my old school essay, which I wrote tongue on cheek, because I was brat and pissed off to our teacher.." That sounds so much like something I could have done in high school :'D
    I want to give you a rose because this is very much what I have been thinking lately too!
    Even though I think I also live much ecofriendlier way than most of Finns, I still feel bad for shipping things all the way here from afar! (Especially when it comes to small dead-cheap china Ebay goodnesses. Bad quality and most probably came from a bad work environment... I feel bad.)

    Lolita is materialistic, if not in a good way, then much BETTER way than cheap mainstream fashion, as you said, it's not disposable fashion! I've heard someone say fashion is for them who don't have a style. <-- This is nice with lolita being such a specific style, that something from 2000's still looks cool!

    I like the retro phenomenon because it brings back what used to be cool and embraces it and therefore makes stuff made in the old days reusable and valuable. :)

    Some of lolita fashion's good lessons are quality over quantity and recycling like you mentioned, and it's very much up to my values too. And fleamarkets are like a one big treasure chest filled with unique stuff :D Thank you for posting this.

    1. Aaa yeah! Thank you for your comment, I'm relieved I'm not only one thinking like that! I was bit hesitated to make this post, because that wasn't the most basic theme here..
      You said everything so nicely above on your comment, so I can't add anything for now on, but thank your of your input and lets continue being lolita-ecohippies! :''D


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