08 June 2015

Shopping ♥

Hi little coffee beans ♥ 

Trying to catch up with posts, next one is for ILD but now, lets take a moment to look my new things? (Sounds weird I know..) I don't know how many of you remembers that during New Year I was planning to get more accessories and things like that for my wardrobe, because I felt my outfits were lacking details? So-ooo I'm slowly making my way to it. ^^'

ice cream ring Moon Bunny || star ring gift || cake earrings Popcult || golden heart earrings H&M || candy rings second hand

faux(?) leather butterfly necklace gift || star necklace Hellocon's flea market

pink cutsew Angelic Pretty (second hand) || lavender ribbon blouse second hand || short sleeved blouse Angelic Pretty (second hand) || white blouse offbrand (flea market)

And okay, hold my parasol and pettis, because!! I got two of my dream dresses!! ♥ On Rufflechat has been some discussions about what dream dress is nowadays, but my simple opinion is, that dream dress is an item, which has been on your mind for long time, you've been even hunting it for years (because the right cut, color, you name it!), it holds some specific value to you, in my case Wonder Cookie was one of the first dresses which caught my interest back then. And Decoration Dream was love with first glance ♥ Ponies and sweets and diabetes and cuteness overload. ♥__♥

My new babies and Old Lady Chisu ♥
That was everything for this time ~ Thank you for your patience with me. I'm being lazy bum right now and planning to take a nap. Byee ~ !


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