20 July 2015

Lets Swap Swap Swap!

I would dare to say "the annual swap meet up" was hold on last Saturday, 18th of July! It was biggest so far, we counted that over 30 persons take apart to it! Ilona and Henna was the master minds behind this, and I think that the day was really nice, smooth and so on, so on. I hope that everyone else enjoyed their time also..!

There was going such bustling all over the house, that the group pictures and everything get forgotten, oops! I'm just going to list my thank you's to those persons who take a time and sat down to talk such important things - I mean my mean lolitas-gang! ♥

There was nice cocktail of clothes, mostly lolita, but also vintage and gothic pieces, as well lovely shoes and jewelries! I did small findings, but I'll post later about them.

My night didn't end that well - I didn't catch the last bus and the whole fcking forest blared when I stomped and swore my way back to the Henna's! Luckily I have friends who doesn't mind that I barked to middle of their sleepovers. ;_; And things turned splendid again! We dressed up into silly clothes, ate left-over food and went to sauna and talked and had a fun time, thank you again girls!

I forgot to take a pic of my coord on Saturday, so Ilona took it on Sunday, no makeup and the wig has seen horrible things before photo. Summasummarum, winter edition please! ♥

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