09 July 2015

[Viapor Conquered]

Helloo ~ ! "Finally" back at blogging, it feels like so so sooo long time from last post! The summer came and has gone already, we had here freaking hot season, over 20 degrees and it ain't my thing. I've to give credits to Australian lolitas and other Southern lolitas who will survive trough their summers.. I would die from heart stroke or something like that in one week.. 

So! We had small, really small gathering on Suomenlinna ( Viapor is old name to that... bulwark-thingy...), five persons if I only counted right, which divided later on two groups when others continued their evening on theater and smaller group continued their own at walking around! (how the heck two persons is a group, don't ask me, just continue reading. ^^)

I've to say that, the weather was so humid! that my dress was literally wet! it was horrible, I mean, wtf??? I was pressing and twisting the dress and petti for the whole time x'D the feeling was so strange!

I started my meetup with stressing about no wig-yes wig and in the end, decided that the hell, the weather is so hot that I'll get stroke, and played with my own hair and did simple makeup, that I felt naked! I would even use this makeup at work, it was that simple. Another alien feeling to that day!

Had great time, get my weekly dose of sugar and daily dose of walking! Seeya on next time again!

Needed soft ice cream, 'cause waiting my company and felt outsider on busy Railway Station!

JSK, blouse, socks, headbow Angelic Pretty
bag H&M shoes Angelic Imprint
wristcuffs, mid-sized hairbow Chocomint
necklace & rest Nile Perch & here and there

VIAPOOOOOR acting as tourist! 

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