27 September 2015

Beauty from the Pain

Helloo! Long time no see! As I said, I've big big things going on my life; I moved to another city (the furnishing is still going on. It takes so so much time ;_;), last month my working schedule was really pain in the ass (butt early mornings for the whole month ;_;) and.. I'm taking care of my favorite pony over the winter! So I had bright, busy future ahead of me!

Yesterday I had small time off and was meeting with a friend. We had some Chinese food before we headed to the piercing studio! What was the main thing of this day! Hooray! ♥ I've yearned to dress up for the longest time now, and I thought that why the hell not? So I whipped super duper fast and simple coord for this day! I decided to go with a smaller petti because I didn't want to take too much space when roaming around shopping malls and not to knock off everything at piercing place. You feel me right? ;_;

My new baby ♥ Industrial ♥ ~ !
That piercing guy was such nice and funny person! He said that just lay down so he will see better inside of my ear while piercing. After first hole (the upper :'D) he said that "oh.. that's bleeding surprisingly much, they bleed usually tho." And he went to grab more paper towels and what nots for my bleeding ear (I was like holy shit I'm wearing fucking burando nah never mind. I'm covered.) I answered back that "nah, as long as the blood is recovered by Monday I'm okay." "No no, I will just push them back." "Thanks." Soon he went to wash his hands more and more and to grab paper towels and I snickered that should I say to him that "don't worry you will not catch HIV from my blood." But then decided that I should not push my limits with my shitty humor while he isn't finished piercing me yet.. In the end he made the last hole also and said that yup, you're done now! And oh holy fucking cow when I stood up! I was ready to collapse! I don't know why I felt to dizzy and everything, I've to sit down back to bed and wait for moment.. Until I was pretty sure I could survive stairs back down and wait for my friend.. who also got some piercings.

Later I ran into Jousia who kindly took ootd pic for me.. See my really lovely facial expression.. :D I look like drunkass idiot here but oh well, my "hairdo" didn't keep up with my bike riding to station or the piercing that well.. But my socks are cute, the main point.

On that piercing studio was also my friend's friends and I chatted for awhile with them (dääm would want to know more about them ;_;) and noticed how one of the girls had a bubble tea.. And I thought the hell I care, I'll give one more shot for those drinks aaaand it was good.

I'm in love with this bodice, sadly the dress is too big for me, I've to string it so tight that the shirring isn't showing at all and still it keeps going down, down down.. Feel my sadness or AP please make them smaller... Also, spot the cat on the pic! On the next time ~ !


  1. Huu oot niin sievä! Olispa itelki rohkeutta ja saisinpa Chrisulta luvan, ni varmasti ottaisin kans jonku lävärin! Looks great! (Y)

    1. Kiiitooos ;_; Nätisti toi korva helottaa tossa asukuvassa :''D Reikää get some hoooole guuurl!


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