02 September 2015

FrillFest 2015 @ Gothenburg, Sweden

Okay, I'm super duper tired right now while I just started to write things! But I've sudden urge to explain my "sudden"disappearance, lets say that my life just got bit hectic - I moved to another city, my work keeps me busy (I loved it!!)  and I've so so much to do! So, I'll tell more about my so super fantastic life after this post.., but right now, I'll sum up my very first event experience on different country! Whooppidifuckingdoo!

// Okay and I took some butthurt about what my friend told about how my blog doesn't sound as me at all. I got over it, and nonetheless, I was feeling same, and has been pondered over to just.. delete everything. :'D But here I'm, trying to sound more like me, butthurt, cynical and gloomy lover of pastel vomit AP and cats, hating everything and everybody and jabajabjaaa. But, that post wasn't purely about me, but Sweden's first lolita event! 

Our group contained six persons, and we slept in airbnb(?) place, we basically rented someone's house for the weekend.  I spent my way from Helsinki-Vantaa to Arlanda with Maria, but after that we got Heidi to be our speakman, I mean, she was the only one who really knows Swedish.. We arrived on Friday already, three of us went to rehearsal, one was still on his way to our camp (lol, I mean it, everything was like straight cut out from IKEA's catalog but after we arrived.. The shit got really serious! That amount of.. stuff. All over the place.) so we decided with Heidi that lets check out this city of Gothenburg! And oh boy was it really great place! We found some many interesting little shop and restaurants and cafes.. Sadly we were either too poorly dressed or those places was closing already..

But lets pictures speak little bit more for now! The most important thing first, food(porn)!

 @Arlanda we had long waiting before our flight to Gothenburg, so we decided to get some breakfast.

Heidi decided to try some.. cactus and pear flavored chocolate, I had to take some piece also! It was so sweet. Later on the night we found some Asian market, and Heidi bought mochi icecream (am I right????), I got couple of pieces also. Black bean tasted really weird. Not sure did I like it or not, but the mango was so so so so good. ;_; More, I want more.

After the FrillFest couple of us headed to the night life (they tired to hit some gay bars but didn't have luck..) me and Heidi headed to get some food. It was my very first time at Pizza Hut :'D so greasy .. On Sunday before we left, I tasted ice cream, mehujää, what the hell it is in English.. Popsicle? It was green, everything in Sweden was green.

But! Back to the main story! FrillFest!

Looking hella cute with Heidi!
Everyone maybe already knows that everything was late on this event.. So I'm not going to talk about it, the first show was Community's Fashion Show. Everyone was cute or even gorgeous! But I was bit puzzled why they were showing outfits, which everyone was already seen, because they were wearing them on the event nonetheless.. And because the show was already something like twenty minutes late already, those ootds was already seen.. many times. I sound like a real prick here, which I might be, but hey that's my opinion. Cute coords tho! And I've those same shoes as the boy on the first pic!!! Best shoes ever.

And couple of pics from Designers' Fashion Show!

And my seemingly boring outfit for the event! Tried to get my own hair to cooperate for one time, but nope.

I'm ending this long post on here, that was new experience to me, and I'm hoping to get a chance to travel different lolita event on aboard more now!


  1. Oho oho oho Terhi mitä, söiksää pitsaa ja burgerii???? O_O

    Hurjan söpö asu sulla, toi mekko on ihan just sua ^_^

    1. Mä menin ton viikonlopun ihan Pacman meiningillä - kaikki vaa kurkusta alas mikä eteen sattui. :'D
      Oonks mä diabetesriski? ;_; Kiitos kaunis!

  2. Mulla tuli kauhee nälkä tästä postauksesta! Kääk! xD
    Pakko mennä tekeen iltapalaa. :P

    Ois ollu tonne niin kiva tulla, mut raha.. Kävin kans ekassa lolita-tapahtumassa ulkomailla ja ois ihan mahtavaa kyllä käydä lisää! ^__^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Eläpä x'D Toi reissu meni niin pacman-meiningillä, syö kaikki mikä vaan suuhun mahtuu. :''D
      Joo, ton reissun jälkeen vaan sytty semmonen kuumotus lähteä koluamaan muita tapahtumia ulkomailla! Tukholmaan kuulemma pläänitään seuraavaa Ruotsin lolitatapahtumaa, ei kait virallista tietoa ole vielä tullut..


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