07 January 2016

Afternoon Tea @ Salutorget

19th of December our community had afternoon tea at Salutorget. For longest time, that was really great and refreshing meeting and I'm waiting more of that kind of gatherings! I'll keep this post super short because of lack of pictures and my freezing fingers (it's something like -26 celcius outside and still my apartment is one fucking frozen hell!)

After Salutorget, we departed to our own destined ways, and small group oh eight? ten? all dolled up persons took their leave to Steam Hellsinki. It was my first time at bar during 2015! Haha!

I had really great night after all. ^^

blouse & bag Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
skirt Angelic Pretty
shoes Antaina
accessories here & there & by me


  1. Aivan I-HA-NA kampaus ja noi kissankorvat nyt on vaan täydelliset. Hei tehtäskö joku päivä kunnon kissankorva-twinnaus? :D

    1. Jooo tehään!! :''D Ja kiitoksia kiitoksia, en enää yhtään muista miten onnistuin noi karvat värkkäämään. ;_;


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