13 January 2016

Sweets & Ponies ♫


I'm writing this in the middle of night, 'cause curse on me, fucked up my rather strong (lol nope) morning routine by drinking coffee on the earlier on the evening. Oops. (You know, if you give me black coffee I'm yours.) No regrets taken. I'll regret this later, when I've to force wake up myself on 3am or something similar.

On the last week, Friday, I "shortly" met with Saga, and by "shortly" our "lets just grab some lunch on the Chinese and be done" grew 4 hours long catching up-session. Niiiice. We decided to dress up bit, lately when we have met both of us has been sporting rather.. sluggish appearance, so this was nice bonus to that day ~

JSK, bag, socks Angelic Pretty
blouse Baby the Stars Shine Bright
shoes Antaina
hair stuff here & there & handmade & Chocomint

I freaking love that pony bag ♥ I'm working right now also wardrobe post, and small post about New Year and and.. ILD? I'm behind of schedule and hopping from present to back in time and back to present so, well duh. I try my best with my memory of gold fish. ;_;

Till the next time ~ !


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