15 February 2016

Lolita Desu [review]

Okayyyy you're getting my first review here! Be honored, please. I've got questions on Facebook about how trustworthy is Lolita Desu, I know, it sounds shady, like some sock account of *le gasp* Milanoo. If you don't know what the heck is Milanoo, I'll give you warning - you don't want to even know. You may want to google it tho, so you will know what you don't want to get. Whne I first found their website I was like.. yeah.. righ Lolita Desu, tell me more about your cute frilly dresses.

Soo, back to the main subject, Lolita Desu. What I've gathered, its located on Japan, and two (or three persons now) are behind of it. It isn't the cheapest, CC is still bit cheaper, but yeah, it depends on the items of course, but let me tell you, that I've ordered now two times. First time I ordered two headbows, they was cheaper than their original price, I got some extra Swimmer cards as a gift but Finnish customs make my bank account scream in agony.

Their website is for real  Lolita Desu, and its bit slow at updating their news - but they get one or two times a week new items. I got their subscribe letter when they got new items, that's how I sherlocked that yeah, it must to be twice a week or something similar. I think they are more active on Facebook tho.

So, I decided to make short, quick review of them, when I placed my second order! I ordered JSK, as last time I ordered two headbows.

I placed my order on 26th of January (Tuesday) and paid it on the same time, after that I got my order confirmation email (same day as I ordered) , on the Friday 29th of January, I got email that my purchase has shipped. After that, I heard of nothing (ofc, my package was somewhere on air or ship..), later I found it was my airmail :'D. On the 3rd of February (it arrived to Finland), Finnish customs send me a letter that how about some ransom so you will get your package?? Sooooo I paid buttloads of money to get my dress (of course, that isn't Lolita Desu's fault, I just looove to bitch about our customs, as every Finnish lolita I know!), I paid it like good girl I'm and I got my package few days after that.

The envelope, it was secured with crazy strong tape and I was afraid when cutting it open that I'll damage my dress. Yeah, it came by airmail. Enjoy my crazy photoshop skills haha.

The insides. 
It was really tightly wrapped, to it got super wrinkly, but hey, by doing that it saved space - it cost less! The dress was put into plastic, and it was sealed with tape. Which was good - the envelope was made of paper, and it was raining while I was walking with it back to home.. Inside the plastic was Japanese candies as a gift (I really hope they were candies, because I ate them as breakfast yesterday..) Inside the plastic was also smaller clear plastic "envelope", which contained waist ties!

Yes, they are fast to ship, the both packages (headbows & that dress) arrived in no time, and items has been in great condition, even when it's said "used in condition C" (and B..). About their customer service I don't know at all, because I haven't got any problems while ordering and paying and so on so on. So I'll keep buying them for time to time, if they got some interesting items again! I recommend them and I hope that this was somehow even interesting or nice to read.

Do you want more reviews on.. things? And have you bought from Lolita Desu, what was your experience with them? 


  1. Mitä luokkaa postikulut olivat? :)

    1. Jos en vallan valehtele, niin sitä perinteistä pariakymppiä. :D


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