29 February 2016

@ Starbucks billion days ago

Some billion days ago I met with Saga, and oh boy was that day a disaster! Very first I slept in - I mean, I always, always!! Wake up to the sound of my alarm, but on that said day, lack of sleep took its revenge on me.  (Now I could not say "always!" D;) So, I woke up an hour too late - and I've to whip up something! 

Luckily, I had this ootd planned already - I had used it on last weekend for Karla's pancake party (due my lack of sleep, and tight schedule on said Saturday I didn't take any ootd pics, which saved me on that disaster day!) 
So on so on, with Saga we found our path to Starbucks! It was my very first time there, and I ordered their season thing Burnt Caramel Latte. Which was quite alright.. But me being bitter and angry little pink ball who drinks her coffee as black as her hate, did not enjoy that much of _milk_ coffee. It kind of tasted like a caramel?? But it being a _milk_ coffee, it was 2/5. (I should have taken that Chai Latte or something something or Hot Chocolate, but maaaan, I needed my caffeine fix!)

Later we found our way to the Saga's, where we drink tea as real lolitas, and both of us snacked spring rolls while discussing over hot topics like.. money?? friends?? And due that all hot gossiping almost missed my work shift! It was one speed walking hurricane when I made my way to work. :'D

The end.

The ourfit rundown is the usual; skirt, bag & headbow Angelic Pretty, bolero, blouse & parasol Baby the Stars Shine Bright and shoes Antaina and other here and there & handmade.

Holy shit, please forgive me! Just burned your eyeballs with unholy amount of pictures of yours truly! Maybe this will be enough of cchuboi spamm for next two months. If I'm not getting more active at blogging again.. You will never know! 'Till the next century!


  1. Olit ihan supersöppänä! Vaikken enää loleile niin toi Melty chocolate on vaan ihan paras loliprintti ever!


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