22 March 2016


Kuva, jonka @cchuboi julkaisi

I found nice corner of Robert's Coffee, where I got rather good tea and time only for myself. I've found my way with books again, so I sat there great amount of time, reading Nikolai Gogol's Dead Souls. On other note, I found myself to be kind of that damned lifestyle lolita, even there still is this debate over how one could be lifestyler when it's only about clothes/one does not dress up daily. I had interesting discussion about that on last summer, and under the Christmas. How about your opinion about being lifestyler?

Outfit rundown is your usual again, coat, blouse, skirt, socks are Angelic Pretty, parasol & headdress from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, shoes are Bodyline, tights, ring and bag are random.


  1. Sä olit tuolloin kyl tosi sievä <3 oot kyl aina mut tykkäsin sun meikist tuolloin ekstrapaljon! Ja toi headdress 5/5


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