13 March 2016

On Wednesdays.. We Buy Pink!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright bolero (fb) & Angelic Pretty coat (wunderwelt)

Kiss me! Cat OP Disney x Angelic Pretty collaboration 

Not sure that everything was bought on Wednesday but its the idea which means?

 I'm crazy cat lady with my own four little babies, and Marie from Aristocats is one of my favorites (hell, the said movie is one of my favorites among Mulan and Dumbo..) and AP is my favorite brand and I've heard that I would be pretty well said Marie if I was a Disney character so TAKE MY MONEY.

Now I'm sitting on top of pile of AP dresses, with my unholy greed for burando, waiting My Melody & Angelic Pretty collab, and counting minutes how much I've left to sleep even couple of hours for my next shift and listening, how my Primadonna Ice Queen Chisu is eating when everyone else is fast asleep. That was the story, and yes, I really needed short coat and I've wanted bolero for years already. That been said, I really needed to buy them. (Lets not talk about how I was thinking not spending much money on nice things before.. I don't know?? Hellocon?? Next month?? Are you coming? To Hellocon.)

And, as a last note, if you really, really want to stay updated on my (cats!) outfits and maybe, social life, I recommend you to take a look to my IG (cchuboi) or even le gasp, follow me!


  1. Toi kisumekko oli ihan yli-ihana *_*

  2. So... much... pink! *heart eyes* Marien ilmeet!

    Minun kengät Helloconia varten tuli postissa tänään aah <3 Ostin myös rannekorun jonka saatan laittaa sinne tai sitten en.

    1. Marie on niin herttanen ;_;
      Toivottavasti kengät ovat oikein passelit ja oivoi en malta odottaa että näen sut taas "livenä"!


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