09 April 2016

What Was Your Favorite Brand Starting Out And Is It The Same

What a freaking monstrous title we have! Long dead blog has been risen again, with a holy power of Lolita Blog Carnival**! Not many of you know, that I've been somehow into the lolita fashion since 2009-2010, the timeline it's bit blurred, but on 2007 I brought to my friends' attention that "I wanna be lolita!11!!!" (....) and they thought that what the hell you fucking can't be a fucking serious???!?!? And I tried to defend myself that "not everything is pink.. there is also punk lolita..". (THAT AMOUNT OF FACEPALM RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW) Of course, my friends thought that I was talking about that novel-lolita, while, I, being dark and dead serious teen goth was thinking that my friends was shocked because of idea me dressed in baby le gasp pink..!! And the shit get more serious in couple of years (when I get my very first laptop) when I found the unholy side of.. dresses.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has lighten my life with pastel pink and sax  blue dresses (it is SAX not SAXON)! I had the slowest web connection of Western World, and if I wanted to go trough Baby's website, I've to leave to upload for three or four hours, and during that time.. I sketched some (horrible) lolita figures did my homework.

Baby was living its most sweetest time, and I was living in the dark hole on countryside with anorexia as my roomie. Because of Baby's sizing, I got bit better and didn't hate my body that much - wow I fit in burando! I also found my first dream dress,  Creamy☆soda☆pop!

Angelic Pretty

It didn't took long that I fell in love with my current favorite brand, Angelic Pretty. So nope, BtSSB has lost its spark on me (mostly, I still found their blouses really gorgeous!), and nowadays I still moon over AP. I don't really know how that happened, was the reason that crazy OTT sweet lolita era, or when Baby started to.. "mature" into more OTT(?) classic, man, I don't really know what its style anymore, when AatP's releases pleases my eyes more.. Baby's prints are really beautiful, but their cuts doesn't sit well with me.

What was your favorite brand back then, and nowadays? Has your (sub-)style changed during years? Mine hasn't, still into sweet!

As kind of off topic, but the Baby bug has bitten me and hard, first when I was attending to FrillFest and now when they're coming to Hellocon!! Blouses! Blouses everywhere! So many blouses! Blouseeeeeessssh my preciouuus...!!

//EDIT** about Lolita Blog Carnival, this post was due 8th of April, but I missed it because of this and that, I'm still going to publish this, but not linked in LBC. ;_; I feel so stupud. ;_;

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