06 January 2017

LBC Create/List 5 Ideal Winter Meets

Short story before I'll start listing things! I like snow, I hate cold, -10- - 15 degrees is fine, lots of snow is fine.
Last night I was just mindlessly scrolling on fb and talked with my roommate about lolita related things which popped up on my screen.  Like "blah blah these AP's Super Over Expensive Ugly Dress-series, who the hell wants them???", "that jsk with those shoes, hell nooo-o", "list 5 ideal winter meets? lol everyone is gonna be like ice skating!!" "I want go to ice skating." "You could always go like.. to snow castle???" "I don't want to travel to Lapland to freeze my butt off ._." "Winter Garden would be cool." "But we're on Finland so we're going to be like ._." "We have nothing here."

And next morning, I'm here brainstorming something which could happen in Finland, and is sadly confined to my knowledge about activities in my town - which is really small.

1. The Ice Skating  ":')"
- The only and one winter activity outside which I really happen to like! It's just so nice to circle some ring and sometimes skate backwards and just enjoy the coldness on cheeks and sounds which are born from blades scratching ice, the darkness of the sky and yellowish lights which illuminates only small parts of ring. Then feel how some forcefully bumps into you and you fell down cursing like sailor and that bloody criminal just flies away without muttering sorry, Ice skating is nice. And relaxing.

2. You know, You could always build a snowman!
- For that activity, you need good mittens and lots of snow. I planned to write down how you could go to slide down hills with black plastic bag but dressed in frills and other expensive things, this might be bit too hazard so, lets just build that goddamn snowman!! After that, when your mittens are wet, your feet cold as ice, can't feel your fingers, your nose is surely just dropped away and the air is hurting your face, and the mana-sama is sculpted from snow, you may go inside and drink some hot chocolate with whipped cream, eat doughnuts and or whatever fancies your tastebuds and play round or two cards again humanity or uno, which ever suits you better.
Pro tip. Remember take coord pics before building snowman, goofing pics can be taken in any time.
Pro tip 2, If everyone is adult, as legal, you might want some stronger liquids in your hot chocolates. Remember, if you drink, don't drive and I'm not saying the only way to have fun as adult  is to drink alcohol-things. :')

3. Wintery Pokemon-hunting!
- Because this happens in Finland, and there's right now about -20 degrees, your fingers or phone battery will not survive that long.. I recommend to add this to side of shopping/tea salon-trip. Either way, as sidekick or as the main thing to do, power bank would be nice to drop in your bag - your phone battery will surely last even 15 minutes longer! Remember to take mittens and wear your thickest lolita coat, wool tights and if you're wearing boots, you can hide your ugly, but oh so warm wool socks into them. Do not forget bloomers and add more pettis if only possible - they make warmer layers to protect your tights.
Of course this activity isn't really suitable for whole community in your town (I'm sure about that..!) but maybe more for couple of friends who wants to dress up and go to city to do just something!

4. Baking/Crafting night
- It's still gets dark really fast, we're going towards spring and summer, but still it feels so nice to stay home in warm and enjoy the light of scented candles and purring of cats. So why not to bake nice things and craft couple of brooches while chatting with your friends? Everyone would bring something to share and to bake, because otherwise this night might be bit burden, if everyone brings their own needles, threads, sewing machines and ovens. So yeah, sharing is caring!

5. The last is always the hardest.
- I bet you've noticed patterns in my ideas - darkness, warm and maybe cozy things? I like the darkness. And my ideas so far has been bit homely? Not suitable for many participants, rather for 5-10 persons. And many of these might be as fun with alone or with couple of your friends. That's Finnish way to do :'D lel. So, lastly I have to say my jacket is empty, I can't come with more ideas anymore which would be that special to call only for winter meets. Of course, you can go movies/galleries and to restaurant after that, but that's like every other meet up so why to write it as "special snowflake" idea? :'D

And that was my post for Lolita Blog Carnival! I'll update other entries when I got links.
Have a nice start of the 2017! POK!

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