23 January 2017

~ Sweety Sweety ~

Hellouuu my little coffee beans! It might be bit relevant time to do some catching up? I totally gave up with this blog some months ago (and started new one.. lolz) thinking that I have grown over this blog - like my life, myself and and that -my- blog doesn't walk the same road anymore. I was kind of wrong and right, same time. I was living bit harder times back then and many big things were happening same time, yeeeeahh you're right the basic jabajabajbajabatsutsu going on here, like you were totally right. But these things aside, everything is on bit lighter side right now - I've the job of my dreams (kind of, I really, really wanted to be an actress and elf princess when I'm older..), I've friends around me (like literally, one of them is living under the same roof lol), I've four healthy furbabies, and I've nice, new (now older) hobbies! Yes right! Last autumn I started adult ballet (so yeehh that elastic as iron bat human being is trying some art here :''D) ans picked up again going to gym. It's Princess Protein to you after that. :'D Just kidding, I'm still Princess Bitter Pudding to all of you.

But these stupid adult things aside, do you like my outfit from couple of weeks ago? We were looking for some fruit basket and other home-related stuff with roommate and that was my cue to wear something.. niiiice. And yup, no wig this time. Almost everything is from Angelic Pretty, but the boots are from an*tai*na, bag from friend and parasol from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, tights are offbrand.

'Till the next time! POK! - Princess Bitter Pudding 

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