13 January 2017

Wardrobe post 2017

Hellouuu ~ !
Everyone around the globe knows that in every January, some mass hysteria overpowers lolitas and without mind, without time, they tries their best to show their wardrobes to other lolitas. But there isn't time! No light! The background is ugly! And every other just.. doesn't do it, maybe next year? Maybe year after that? Maybe 2025 I'll start taking pictures in December so everything is ready for the January, 2026. That happened me last year, and year before that, and two years before that.. And now, I thought maybe now would be time to even try one more time? But as I wrote above, no time, no light, background is ugly blahblah I'll showing only main pieces. I'm partially sorry about that, partially just pheeeew more time to sleep and meet friends. :D
Btw, main reason why I'm not taking that much photos of new purchases etc etc is because, I've moved, and I share my apartment with friend (and my fur babies) and I really haven't find good corner to take photos. 

Angelic Pretty's Melty Royal Chocolate in mocha & Melty Whip Chocolate in mocha
Angelic Pretty's Milky Cross special set in Pink & Angelic Pretty x Disney Kiss Me! Cat OP

Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate OP in Pink & Dolly Dot OP in Pink
Angelic Pretty's Melty Chocolate OP in Pink & Rose Toilette JSK in Pink
Angelic Pretty's Decoration Dream JSK in Pink & Angelic Pretty Lucky Bag 2017 in Pink
Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Dollhouse JSK in Lavender & Milky Planet (rerelease) JSK in Lavender
Alice and the Pirates & Baby the Stars Shine Bright x Disney collab
Angelic Pretty's Gloria JSK in Pink & Milky Swan JSK in Pink

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